Way back to almost the beginning of earths creation, the planet has been home for a wonderful living organism called the plant.It has[up to this point in time] been only found on this planet,therefore it is an important aspect to human development in our evolution.

Plants have been cultivated from as far back as 2700 b.c. Babylonians had grown crops in beds of sticks all bound together floating in rivers allowing roots to grow down to the water and allowing oxygen to pass in-between.

Most of our famous inventors and great minds have been in awe at some stage in their lives about the anatomy of plants. The most recent and most important technology invented this century "SOLAR ENERGY " can thank all the time and effort and understanding of plant physiology "PHOTOSYNTHESIS" for its creation. Einstein,Tesla,and even Leonardo Davinci were only but a few to study the true workings of plants. It gives us true insight of time before we evolved as without light,oxygen,carbon dioxide,water,and basic nutrients[nitrates and phosphates],they too as a species would not have survived.In fact science proves more carbon dioxide was in the worlds atmosphere many years ago explaining the size of certain tree species living today. Perhaps the concept of talking to plants is a bit daft to you, you might like to consider "sonic boom" not only scientific fact but also scientific proof. The true fact of the matter is we know a lot about "HYDROPONICS" but still have a long way to go before utilizing this simple healthy way of growing consumable foods in the most effective way. Hydroponics after all is the most efficient way of growing; controlling temperature of air and water, concentrations of nutrients,p.h levels of media and nutrient,sterility,crop sizes,diseases,and even insect populations. Sounds technical but its very simple.

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